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Nancy Drew. Mystery's
IT Girl...

Smart. Sophisticated. Independent. Fashionable. Fearless. Role model. Nancy Drew is a timeless character that has trailblazed through generations of readers since 1930. It's no mystery why fans of all ages including most of our ladies on the US Supreme Court have been inspired by Nancy Drew. Nancy's determination to solve a mystery, her zest for adventure in racing off for clues in cliffhanger-worthy peril, and her ability to right wrongs and save the day were an adrenaline thrill for the masses.

The Nancy Drew Sleuth Unofficial Website, created by Nancy Drew Author, Expert, Collector, and Consultant Jennifer Fisher celebrates Nancy Drew and her mysterious world and focuses on the many treasured books and collectibles that fans of Nancy Drew seek. This site provides insight into the history behind the mystery which is often more baffling and dramatic than Nancy Drew's mysteries themselves. You'll find information for research and links to other websites and sources. As one of the top pioneer websites on Nancy Drew on the web, you will find just about every clue to Drew here that you are sleuthing for. For publishers, journalists and publicity agents, this site should provide current information relevant to the latest Nancy Drew news and events and details on what I'm currently writing. Please e-mail inquiries here.

As an expert on Nancy Drew, I am available for lectures, programs, conventions and interviews plus library and school Zoom sessions. My collection is available for displays, photography and for articles and books. Visit my Collection & Portfolio for more clues to my writing, speaking engagements, and projects. I consulted on the Warner Brothers 2007 Nancy Drew movie, Nancy Drew. A large portion of my Nancy Drew books were used to film the opening sequence for the film. My book, Clues for Real Life: The Classic Wit and Wisdom of Nancy Drew was published by Meredith Books. Currently, I am writing a biography of the original Carolyn Keene, Mildred Wirt Benson, and other assorted book projects in the works.

I donated my extensive 5000+ piece collection of Nancy Drew books, collectibles, ephemera and historic memorabilia to the Toledo Public Library and the Jennifer Fisher Nancy Drew Collection is housed in the "Mystery Room" at the downtown main library, floor 2 of the amazing children's section. Hop in your roadster and take a Sleuth-tacular trip to visit the collection.

As President of the Nancy Drew Sleuths fan organization, I encourage you to rediscover your passion for all things Nancy Drew. Visit the Nancy Drew Sleuths' Website for more information about the fan club, annual conventions, officially licensed Nancy Drew merchandise, vintage books, and our zine, The Sleuth.

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